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About Me

Dear Neighbor,

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mario Blanch.  I was raised in North Bergen by Cuban parents and am fluent in Spanish.  I graduated from North Bergen High School in 1995.  After graduating from North Bergen High School,  I went to Rutgers University where I graduated with a degree in Economics in 1999 and made the Dean's List eight (8) times.  In 1999,  I was accepted to Seton Hall School of Law on a scholarship and I received my Juris Doctorate degree in 2002.  Currently, I maintain an office in West New York, New Jersey, dedicated to helping the Hudson County community.

Having grown up in North Bergen I have seen many changes which have taken place. Some beneficial but many which I believe are not in the best interest of  the people. I believe the administration has lost touch with the people. Maybe having been in office for twenty-five years the present administration has taken the people for granted. It seems to me that in recent years the administration is more worried about outside interests than the welfare and quality of life of the residents.

I am concerned about the over development which is allowed. Tonnelle Avenue has always been a safety concern. Instead of trying to improve the safety the Sacco administration continues to allow over development creating an increase in the danger which affects the quality of life of the residents. On River Road this administration has allowed the destruction of the Palisade Cliffs just to accomodate out of town developers who come into North Bergen to make their millions of dollars without any concern for the safety of the people. Only recently a Superior Court Judge reversed the action of the North Bergen Planning Board in granting the right for the construction of a high rise next to the Galaxy which endangered a Gas Line. The Superior Court Judge, in reversing North Bergen remarked about the closeness between the developer and the North Bergen Board.

I am also concerned about the “Tax Abatement Deals” given to out of town developers.

I am very much concerned about the deteriorating condition of our school system. Nothing could be as important as the development of our children. Yet, in our schools there aren’t enough books for all the students. It seems the administration is more concerned about football than the education of our young people. There is a continuing investigation as to the tactics of the recently retired football coach who brought in football players who do not live in North Bergen just to improve his record. If true, what kind of moral example are we giving to our students. The retired coach is also an Assistant Superintendent of Schools as is Mayor- State Senator-Nick Sacco.  WHAT IS GOING ON?

If you are also concerned about our town please contact me, Mario Blanch. My cellphone number  is 201-690-7047. I would like to hear from you.